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Questions and Answers

Q: What cars are eligible for the Condor Trail?
We will provide 4wd vehicles included in your package.

Q: Can I use my own car on the  Condor Classic Trail?
If you wish to bring your own car please contact us to discus.

Q: What are the roads like on the Condor Classic Trail?
Mainly paved with some unpaved gravel ones in Chile.

Q: What happens if we breakdown on the road?
We have our own mechanic who will attempt get you going

Q: What if you can't get the car going?
You can travel in our back up vehicle whilst your car is being repaired.

Q: What if the car cannot be repaired?
We will arrange for a replacement car at the very earliest time.

Q: Can the car carry are our luggage?
The 4wd vehicles have ample luggage space for your trail.

Q: What is the weather like at this time of year?
It will be autumn and warm but bring suitable clothing and shoes for the southern part of the trail.

Q: Are flights included in the cost of the Condor Trail?
No, as we expect entrants to come from all corners of the earth. To obtain most cost effective
flights we ask you organise flights to include the internal flights from Buenos Aires to San Martin
de los Andes and from Ushuaia to Buenos Aries.

Q: Will you have a briefing?
We will have a briefing at the Elevage Hotel Buenos Aries

Q: If I fall ill or have an accident how will you deal with it?
We will arrange for you to see doctor as soon as possible or seek emergency services.

Q: What about car insurance?
Insurance against all risk is included, with a franchise for damages of USD 1,900 and for overturn & total destruction USD 3,800.Conditions: drivers have to be older than 21 years old, have a valid international driving license & a credit card for the guarantee. 

Q: Will we need visas and vaccination?
No visa required and we advise you to consult your doctor to seek advice regarding vaccination.

Q: Can I swap drivers or passengers during the Trail?
Yes but all drivers must register with us and our vehicle insurance company prior to departure

Q: Do we need a special driving license?
No, but you will need an International Driving License.

Q: Do we need previous driving experience to do this trail?
No, we will help novices in the initial stages with navigation if not in convoy.

Q: How long is the Trail?
It lasts twenty days.

Q: Is the food included in the price?
We include all breakfasts and evening meals, other meals and refreshments are excluded

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