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The Andes is one of the world’s most dramatic mountain ranges. It is the longest continuous mountain range in the world and extending some 4500 miles along the western edge of South America.

Autospirit Ltd has linked up with Kallpa Tour Operator, one of Argentina’s leading Tour Operators to present a scenic tour through the South American Andes. “El Condor Classic Trail” commences in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aries where our twenty guests will rendezvous prior to departing on a local flight to the mountain village of San Martin de Los Andes, roughly halfway down the Argentine side of the Andes. After collecting our vehicles we shall depart on our Condor Classic Trail wondering in and out of Argentina and Chile eventually to reach Tierra del Fuego, the southern most tip of the continent. It’s here that you will  almost be able to touch  dramatic frozen coast of Antarctica. 

You will wonder at the true magnificence of the scenery as we drive both the spectacular National Route 40 and Chilean Southern highway, filtering onto remote minor roads that disappear up into the Andean valleys. Snow capped peaks, glaciers, ancient cave paintings, crystal clear aquamarine blue lakes and rivers are all part of a fabulous itinerary. We will stay in both magnificent hotels and remote lodges, sample local foods, world renown cuisines and great wines. All part of a lifetime memorable experience trailing through the wilderness of the Andes.

“Never had I seen mountains like these, I was crushed by the grandeur - speachless with the overpowering wonder of it."

             Col P H Fawcett - South American Explorer

We invite you to join us on the Condor Classic Trail - March 2018

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